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About AMS Polska

AMS Poland Sp. z o.o. is a rapidly growing company operating in the energy sector that has been providing advanced power technologies since 1994.
The team of professionals working at the company holds it as its most important goal to uphold the highest quality standards when providing services, to ensure seamless communication and rapid response service and maintain good relationships with Customers and Business Partners.
Take a look at the company history, the mission that we are striving to achieve as well as major events that are part of the history of AMS Poland.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

       we believe that our long-term presence in the energy sector, high quality of our services, an expert team of engineers and technical specialists as well as the current results of our operations will result in your considering AMS Poland to be included among your top discerning partners. We hope that you will be interested in our offer and we are ready to introduce our company and our products.

Chairman of the Board
Eliza Sarnecka